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Coal Based Sealants Protect and Threaten

Mount Lake Terrace—Researcher Peter Van Metre can’t seem to help himself. Whenever he enters a parking lot he looks for the tell tale sign of a toxin. The U.S. Geological Survey Scientist has spent decades studying polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). He has found the mother lode in coal tar-based sealants used in many parking lots.

"So the the coal tar products have about ten percent PAHs by weight and this is something we measure in the environment in parts per million so 10% a big number," Said Van Metre.

He said that far outweighs the most wanted list for PAH sources including car exhaust, charcoal and the long time PAH boogeyman, used motor oil.

"Used motor oil has about one-200th of the concentration of PAHs as the coal tar seal coat products do," said Van Metre.

Van Metre and his team found elevated levels of PAHs in lakes all over the country including Lake Ballinger in Mount Lake Terrace. They traced most of the sources to nearby parking lots treated with coal tar based sealants. He shared the results of the study with a Washington State Legislative panel considering a bill to ban those sealants. Other city and state governments are also considering it. Most companies and suppliers in this area say they have already stopped using it and have found alternative, asphalt based products that are comparable in performance and price with a fraction of the toxins.

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